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Klamath Relief

NOTICE: This web site is no longer being maintained.

See you in Klamath!

Background information

The community of Klamath Falls, Oregon has been devastated by a federal decision to cut off irrigation water to 1400 farm families. Read details at the following sites:

Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
(Klamath Water Users Association)

Klamath Basin Crisis
(Siskiyou County Farm Bureau)

Klamath Falls Herald and News water article index
(local newspaper)

Far West

Crisis on the Farm:

Photo essay:

Where to send donations:

Klamath Relief Convoys

Three convoys will converge on Klamath Falls August 21. They are leaving from:

Other sites with convoy information:

If you know of other convoys or would like to add details to the above please send email to

Convoy Logistics Message Board:

Please use this forum only to discuss the logistics of the convoys and getting aid to Klamath farm families. There are better forums available for discussing other aspects of events at Klamath. Thank you.

Petition: Let the Irrigation Water Flow in the Klamath Basin of Oregon

Questions? Comments? Corrections? Additions?

Convoy Logistics Discussion Board:

Klamath Basin Water Crisis: